Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Chris Duarte's "Gold Sparkle XS-1" was stolen ...


Hey CDG Fans out there,
It is with heavy heart that I have to report that my van was broken into Friday night Aug. 25th and my Gold Sparkle XS-1 was stolen. Also stolen was Beth Lee's hand-built custom Fender copy Tweed 1 x 12" speaker. The amp has reverb in it as well as a master volume. The most distinguishing characteristic of my Gold guitar XS-1 is the headstock is the same color as the body. Serial #156.
Please everybody keep an eye out for these items. My Gold guitar was my #1 Xotic guitar, or my 'go-to' guitar. Beth's amp was special to her too. I am devastated by it's theft because it was in my possession at the time it was taken. If someone steals my stuff that's one thing but when it's a friend's stuff you were looking out after, well that hurts even more.
I have been checking in on Craig's List from time to time to see if it pops up and I have also filed a theft report with the Austin Police Dept.
Just please everybody keep an eye out for these two items. I would really like to see Beth get her amp back and see the thieves that stole our stuff do their time.
Thank you - chris duarte

CDGAdmins: you can contact us (admin@duarte.rocks) or Chris directly (chris@duarte.rocks) if you happen to see/hear anything. Chris' van was broken into in the Austin, TX area.
APB, BOLO! All Points Bulletin, Be on the lookout.